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How Improv Is Like Euchre

How Improv Is Like Euchre

By Randall | Improv in Life, Just for fun!

Human beings learn by making associations between things (e.g. Pepsi is like Coke, except without all of the good taste*). Improv is analogous to a great many things; herein I consider one specific example – Euchre. I was in Boise, Idaho for a wedding this past weekend, and had the opportunity to play Euchre with some old [&hellip

32 Ways To Get Unstuck in an Improv Scene - Part I

32 Ways To Get Unstuck in an Improv Scene – Part I

By Randall | Improv Tips

  In my previous post, I talked about five reasons why improvisers get stuck in scenes. Ideally, we would stay away from those mistakes and all of our scenes would flow smoothly, but in practice, that’s impossible. Maybe you get thrown off by your partner’s idea, maybe nothing in the scene is affecting you. If you [&hellip

Games – Pass the Clap

By Randall | Games for Workshop

Everyone stands in a circle. One person starts by making eye contact with the person next to them, and then both of them clap at the same time. The second person then turns to the next person, and they clap together. The “clap” is passed in this way around the circle until a pair does [&hellip

Games – Go

By Randall | Games for Workshop

Go is a great way to focus the group at the beginning of a workshop. Start out with everyone standing in a circle. One improviser begins by making eye  contact with another person in the circle and pointing to them. When that person says, “Go,” the first person starts walking to their spot, and the [&hellip