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Liam Neeson Does Improv

By Randall | Just for fun!

Well, I know that I had said last week that I would start posting warm-ups on Monday, but then I realized that Monday Funday might be a better way to start off the week. Instead, I’ll be targeting Wednesday’s to cover various improv warmups. For the few of you who may not have seen it [&hellip

Stop Blocking Yourself

Stop Blocking Yourself

By Randall | Improv in Life, Improv Tips

When you take improv classes, you learn a lot about yourself. Before I started improv, I used to think I was a great listener. Then one day in class, after doing a scene with my friend Jonathon about the Loch Ness Monster, our teacher Jan pointed out that Jonathon had asked “Do you think she [&hellip