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How Improv Is Like Euchre

How Improv Is Like Euchre

By Randall | Improv in Life, Just for fun!

Human beings learn by making associations between things (e.g. Pepsi is like Coke, except without all of the good taste*). Improv is analogous to a great many things; herein I consider one specific example – Euchre. I was in Boise, Idaho for a wedding this past weekend, and had the opportunity to play Euchre with some old [&hellip

10 Things I love about improv (and stuff you might like too)

10 Things I love about improv (and stuff you might like too)

By Randall | Improv in Life

I wanted to take a few minutes today to reflect on why I like improv so much. I enjoy watching it, learning about it, doing it, discussing it, and obviously writing about it. I proselytize shamelessly. I started a blog just so I could have another opportunity to tell people what I think about improv, [&hellip

Games - Electric Company

Games – Electric Company

By Randall | Games for Workshop

Electric Company is a word association game, named for the 1971 television series and parodied in this Nike Shox commercial. While in a circle, the group snaps to a steady beat. The first person starts by making eye contact with the person on their right or left and saying a word. That person then responds [&hellip

Yes, And - Part III

Yes, And – Part III

By Randall | Games for Workshop, Improv Tips

Also see Part I and Part II To demonstrate the effectiveness of “Yes, And” and how critical it is to good scene work, we use the following exercise on the first day of a new level 1 class. First, we get two volunteers who are “ready to fail” to get up in front of the [&hellip