By Randall | Improv Tips
23 Jan 2012

Malcom Gladwell writes about intution in Blink, and how a glance can gather more information in two seconds than a team of researchers can in months of collecting and reviewing documents that attest to a work of art’s authenticity.

Rachel Klein writes about intuition in her tumblr post, The Four I’s of Improv. Here’s an excerpt:

Let’s take a moment to think about some of the improv wisdom we’ve all heard a million times before:

“Play to the height of your intelligence.”

“Don’t think.”

“Follow your instincts.”

“Play smart.”

“Don’t get in your head.”

 “Check your impulses.”

Taken together, this advice starts to feel like a giant mass of contradiction. Which way is it? Are we supposed to think or not? Are we supposed to follow our instincts or not?

The rest of the article sorts this out with some very insightful observations and explanations. Read the rest, then check out Blink.

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  1. Amy says:

    Have you read The Tipping Point as well? I liked it even more than I liked Blink.

  2. Randall says:

    Just downloaded it to my iPad. It will be next up on my reading list, as soon as I finish Free Play: Improvisation in Life and Art

  3. Jay says:

    Here’s a blog post from my old blog that’s related. Thought you might like it.

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