Lessons from Community: No means Yes

By Randall | Improv Tips
28 Dec 2011

Britta: Don’t talk to Vaughn.
Pierce: You know, I’m telling you, your hormones are clouding your j…
(walks off)
Pierce: That is girl for “Talk to Vaughn.”

(Seaons 1, Episode 8)

That is also improv for “Talk to Vaughn.” In almost any scene, insisting that someone not do something is all the more reason for them to do it. If your scene partner says “Whatever you do, don’t open that door,” you better open that door. If they say “I would never maul your face with Bugles on my fingers as claws,” give them every opportunity in that scene to maul your face. These events are great opportunities for big reactions, and big laughs.



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