4 Reasons Improvisers Should Get Their Exercise

By Randall | Improv in Life
10 Apr 2012
Want to be a better improviser? Go for a walk or hit the gym. Here are four reasons that exercise will improve the quality of your shows.


1) You’ll have a greater physical range
Sometimes in improv you have to perform physically difficult feats. In these situations, having better cardiovascular health will help you keep your breath during scenes and recover more quickly from taxing scenes. Improv is about interacting with the world around you, and better physical fitness allows you to interact more fully with your environment. The more control you have over your body, the more flexibility you have in scenes that you can pull off. It doesn’t have to be on the scale of Cirque du Soleil to impress your audience; just be ready to play a fire(wo)man saving a helpless victim from a burning building.

2) You’ll have more energy, so you’ll perform better
Being in better physical condition will give you more energy throughout the show. Living a sedentary life where you make poor food choices leaves you feeling lethargic in your body and mind. Getting some exercise and fueling your body with healthy foods will make you feel ready to go.


3) You’ll look better
There have been numerous studies that demonstrate that people are more receptivetrusting, and caring towards attractive people, especially when they are formulating their first impressions. If you are in better shape and increase your physical attractiveness, your audience will find you more interesting and be more engaged in your scenes. And if you make mistakes on stage, they’ll be more willing to forgive you. This doesn’t just apply to your physicality – working on the way you dress, your posture, and your complexion can all make you more attractive to the audience.


4) You’ll feel better about yourself and be more confident
As your body changes, you will feel more comfortable in your skin and be more confident on stage. Nothing is more charming than exuding confidence in a situation that terrifies most people. If you are a confident performer, the audience will buy into the scenes you create and be more likely to laugh.

I just recently started working out with Crossfit, and I think the fitness program they teach is perfect for improvisers and stage performers. Find a gym near you.

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  1. Great point! I really have noticed a correlation between my current state of health and wellness and my willngness to perform. I haven’t always acknowledged it outloud because people always tell you confidence comes from within–but I think it really does matter that we feel flexible and agile and loose and limber and energetic if we are going to be performing for people, especially when you never know how far your character might go. I know when I haven’t been in a good mindset, I’m more closed off phusically and I’ve used food to stuff down emotions–so it really makes sense that if I’m looking and feeling healthy and fit, I’m probably in a better place to fully committ to a scene and a character. Another great topic, Randall!

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