Games – Zip Zap Zop

By Randall | Games for Workshop
26 Dec 2011

With everyone standing in a circle, the first improviser begins the pattern of “Zip, Zap, Zop” by clapping their hands at someone and saying “Zip.” The person that they indicated will then clap at someone and say “Zap.” Then the third person will do the same but say “Zop.” After this, the next person starts back over with “Zip.” The group should begin at a comfortable pace and gradually speed up during the pattern. Every time that you clap and send the zip, zap, or zop to another player, try to make eye contact. Whenever someone makes a mistake and says the wrong word in the series, celebrate the mistake then start the pattern over.

Variation 1:

Zip, Zap, DIE – Instead of saying “Zop” as the third word in the pattern, the person chooses someone to kill and says “Die.” Before the murderous word is uttered, the other improvisers can plead for the victim’s life to be spared, to no avail. Once the person claps and says “Die,” their target dies dramatically and everyone else mourns their loss. The same person that said “Die” starts the pattern off with the next “Zip.”

Variation 2:

Synchronous Zip Zap Zop – Once the sender and receiver make eye contact, they both clap and say “Zip” (or “Zap”, or “Zop”) together at the same time, like in Pass the Clap. The game will necessarily slow down, but playing the regular version of Zip Zap Zop after doing this for a while will feel super-fast!


In addition to being fun, this warm-up helps connect the group and gets some positive energy flowing. Don’t worry about who you’re going to send it to next – when you get zipped, just send it right back out to the first person your eyes land on.


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