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By Randall | Games for Workshop
22 Dec 2011

Go is a great way to focus the group at the beginning of a workshop. Start out with everyone standing in a circle. One improviser begins by making eye ¬†contact with another person in the circle and pointing to them. When that person says, “Go,” the first person starts walking to their spot, and the second person must find a new spot! They make eye contact with, and point to, someone else. You must¬†wait to receive permission (“Go”) before you start to move.

Variation 1:

Drop your hands – instead of pointing at the person whose spot you want, just looking meaningfully at them and wait for them to say “Go.”

Variation 2:

Shut your mouth – silently nod to give your assent, instead of saying “Go” out loud. If combined with variation 1, this is a particularly challenging game.


This game helps connect the group, while also training you to be aware of your environment. As the “Go’s” speed up, you have to pay close attention to where it goes, so you don’t miss someone asking permission from you, or give permission to someone else who just happens to make eye contact but isn’t trying to take your spot. Furthermore, you have to agree quickly, by saying “Go,” to keep the game flowing. Finally, it also takes focus to say “Go” without beginning to move. There is a disconnect between saying one thing and doing another; it is surprising how hard it is, at first, to say “Go” and stand still. I find it helpful to imagine myself as a tree, with roots growing deep into the ground of the space that are not released until I am free by the magic word “Go.”

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