Welcome to my blog! My name is Randall Reed, Jr., and I started taking improv classes with Automatic Improv at Relapse Theater in April 2011. I’ve also taken classes at Dad’s Garage and workshops at Relapse, the Village Theatre, and the North Carolina Comedy Arts Festival. Along the way, I’ve learned about how to live a richer life, and had a lot of fun. I started this blog to share some of those lessons with others (like you!).

In January, 2012, I began workshopping with the Automatic Ensemble. I perform with them on select Friday and Saturday nights, at 8pm at Relapse.

I believe that learning some improv skills can help you be more open to what life offers. Life is improv. Everyday brings new offers, and none of it is scripted. Improv also builds confidence, which will improve your social interactions. You already improvise every day, but if you make it more purposeful, you may find that every day is a little better. Improv every day, improve every day.

In this blog, as in my improv, I try to avoid using profanity and being illicit…but sometimes it is necessary.



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