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Walk the Walk, Talk the Talk

Walk the Walk, Talk the Talk

By Randall | Improv Tips

I’d like to preface this by saying this is a much longer post than usual, but it is 100% worth the read. As promised, I would like to share a technique for creating new characters for each scene you do. I’ve heard many improv instructors provide this simple instruction for creating a character: make a physical [&hellip

How to Spot an Improviser

By Randall | Just for fun!

Happy Monday Funday! Here’s a cool video that some of my improv friends showed me. It’s a reminder of how important good object work is. Enjoy! &nbsp

The Art of Listening to Your Partner

By Randall | Improv in Life

I came across this article today, and thought it sounded a lot like what I’ve been working on in my improv scenes lately. Sounds like maybe improv can help you be a better lover too! Here’s an excerpt from “The Art of Listening to Your Lover,” published by Psychology Today: In our fast paced society, [&hellip